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What’s Wayur?

Wayur is a trip planner that lets you create time-efficient itineraries for short trips and weekend getaways for anywhere you can think of.

How does it work?

Wayur’s simple approach lets you plan your trip in just a few seconds. First, you select your destination and the dates of your trip, then you pick a few places you want to visit and Wayur will organize your customized itinerary.

There are lots of travel apps and trip planners, what’s so cool about it?

There are multiple travel apps that let you plan itineraries, however none of them are really tailored specifically for short trips. On these kind of trips your time is limited and planning is key to get the most out of it.

Wayur’s technology lets you create time-efficient itineraries. You select the places you want to visit and Wayur will create the best possible itinerary from a time savings perspective, so you can visit more places in less time!

Additionally, Wayur lets you create itineraries for any destination you can think of. Yes, you heard right, you can plan your trip for literally anywhere!

Step by step example

Let’s see how it works with a step by step example. The first screen you’ll see when you open the Wayur trip planner app will display your previously created itineraries. You can click on the yellow button to create a new one, will which take you to the next screen:

At this point the app will ask for your destination, using the Google autocomplete functionality. This means you can literally plan a trip for any destination you can think of. Then you’ll need to enter the start and end dates and a name for your trip. For this example we will plan a trip to Chicago for 3 days:

At this point all you have to do is select a few places you want to visit. You will see a list of featured places and some other categories like museums, outdoors, good for kids, etc. You can click on the info button if you want more detail about a specific place. This view offers a brief description alongside operating hours, webpage, etc. Once you have selected a few places, you can click on Review and Create and the app will take you to a final screen to review your selected destination, dates and places before creating it. When you are ready you can click on Create, and this is where the magic happens:

Your itinerary is now ready to go! Wayur will display a list of the places assigned to every day, including the travel time between them and you can also see them in a map. Yes, it’s that simple!

Wanna try it out?

You can get access to the Android Beta here. Wayur is 100% free to use :).

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